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Our propane oxyfuel torches offer the capacity to cut thick steel plates up to 300 millimeters thick. Our seven large cutting machines are available in varying sizes, the largest of which offers cutting capacity up to 42 meters long and 5 meters wide, allowing us to cut one plate while simultaneously preparing the machine for another. All of our machines are equipped with multiple propane oxyfuel torches and high-definition plasma torches – for optimal production and shorter lead time.

Oxyfuel cutting is best applied for cutting industrial steel parts over 60 mm thick.

Oxyfuel cutting under water

Oxyfuel cutting torches expose the steel plate to high temperatures for a prolonged period, which can lead to a larger heat-affected zone (HAZ) and potentially alter the steel’s properties in the affected area. To mitigate these effects and reduce any negative impact on the plate’s properties, Proplate can apply oxyfuel cutting under water.

Our machines for gas cutting work with up to eight burners simultaneously, resulting in highly efficient production.

Bevel cutting for superior weld preparation

We also offer bevel cutting, for welding preparation. We apply V, Y and K joints up to 40 mm thick. 

Oxy-fuel and high-definition plasma cutting in up to 42 meter-long cutting tables

Our facilities are equipped with seven modern steel cutting machines up to 42 meters in length, all of which offer duo-capacity for oxy-fuel gas and high-definition plasma torches for cutting thick metal plate. Our cutting facilities include the capacity to cut under water, for reduced HAZ and to provide a good working environment for our operators.

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