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Proplate offers high-quality priming and coating of your steel parts and assemblies in-house. Our facilities are equipped with three painting and drying booths which offer treatment solutions for large metal surfaces.

On-site spray painting of industrial steel parts

Steel parts which are transported to painting contractors can be exposed to low temperatures. This often requires a period of readjustment upon arrival, adding unnecessary delay to the customer’s lead time. At Proplate, we chose to invest in on-site facilities for painting, and metalizing – to enable application-ready delivery and cut your lead times.

To ensure a high-quality finish, we paint, coat and metalize our steel parts manually, using the latest technology from Wagner. We use both water-borne and solvent-borne products applied through high- and low-pressure pumps and airless, airmix and electrostatic technologies.

All of our painting booths have in-built floor exhaust outlets to provide effective filtering for the best possible finish of your steel parts and a good working environment.

Naturally, all residue paint and solvents are recovered to ensure an eco-friendly and sustainable operation.

Painting services of industrial steel components

Our painting booths are equipped to paint industrial components up to 20 meters in length and 7 meters in width.

Zinc surface treatment

In our efforts to always offer our customers more, we provide thermal zinc spraying to add corrosion-protection. This is used on exposed industrial parts, such as the outer flange on wind turbine anchor cages.

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