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Proplate is equipped with five high-capacity Hedelius CNC machines adapted for advanced machining of industrial steel parts up to 17 meters in length.

Large-scale, high-capacity CNC steel machining

Our CNC machining centers offer high-quality milling and drilling accuracy down to the micrometer, from smaller steel parts to bulkier heavy-duty parts. The higher the demands on the parts’ quality, strength and finish, the more reason there is to turn to Proplate for machining. Our large-volume, high-capacity machinery is adapted for advanced machining of special products. Managed by our expert operators, we ensure precision machining – at scale.

For precision drilling of industrial applications

At Proplate, we use our CNC machines to mill and drill a wide range of industrial steel parts, from the large holes in 17 meter crane lifting straps to multiple, threaded holes in wind turbine anchor rings.

High-capacity, multi-process steel part production

Proplate’s machining capacity is an important part of our multi-process production plant. With the whole production chain, from cutting to coating within our gates, we manufacture prefabricated components and assemblies to be used right away in our customers production line. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are equipped to support high-volume, high-capacity steel part production, for optimal value in your supply chain.

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Johan Törnqvist

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