Proplate offers a multi-process service for thick steel plate, from precision cutting to milling, drilling, blasting, bending, welding, assembly and painting. Our high-capacity CNC machines, together with our expert operators, ensure that we can offer our customers a high-quality, fully-customized product – produced at scale, for greater value.

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Most of today’s industrial parts are made from advanced performance steels such as advanced high-strength structural steels (AHSS) and quenched and tempered alloy steels (Q&T steels).

Proplate works with leading steel manufacturers from SSAB to Dillinger

Proplate works independently from any steel manufacturer, to ensure that our customers can work with their preferred steel partner of choice, whether that’s SSAB, Dillinger, voestalpine, NLMK steel or any other leading manufacturer.

However, with world-leading SSAB structural steels rolling in and out of our facilities on a daily basis from their neighboring steel mill in Oxelösund, Sweden, we have fast and ready access to world-class steel. By cutting transit times, together with our efficient multi-process capabilities, we can potentially cut your lead time significantly. The closeness to the SSAB mill also brings great environmental benefits, as it reduces the CO2 emissions caused by transportation, and scrap metal left over from processing is taken care of in Oxelösund. With Proplate, your steel components and assemblies are closer than you think.

Proplate steel components are delivered to the customer marked with a unique Proplate-ID-number, to ensure traceability and assured quality from steel mill, through production to application.

Structural Steel

Offering high tensile strength and low ductility, lightweight structural steels are ideal for high-strength industrial application.

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Wear & Abrasion Resistant Steel

Used extensively across the mining and construction industries, abrasive-resistant steels offer hardness in abundance.

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Tool Steel

A highly-machinable yet strong, tool steel is most commonly used to manufacture tool, machine and car parts.

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Armored Steel

Offering advanced workshop properties, armored steel is a penetration-resistant material used extensively across defense industries.

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