Whistleblowing system

Proplate’s whistleblowing system

Ensuring our employees work in a safe, fair, and transparent environment is important to us. We encourage anyone to speak up if they suspect wrongful activity or misconduct at Proplate. We also want you to feel comfortable to make a report and know it will be taken seriously.

Proplate has therefore implemented a new online whistleblowing system, through an external company. They provide a safe and secure whistleblowing system that allows you to report suspected wrongdoing, easily and anonymously.

You can access the system at https://proplate.whistlelink.com/ 

To make a report

To make a report, click on “Leave report here”, and fill out the report form as best you can. It’s up to you how much information you wish to supply. There’s no obligation to provide any personal information and you remain anonymous throughout the entire process.

After you submit a report, the appointed contact persons receive it and make an initial assessment to determine if it is applicable for handling in the whistleblowing system. If it is, the report is assigned a unique case number which you will receive along with a verification code. Use the verification code to submit further information or view progress of the case. We will confirm acknowledgement of your report within seven days and provide feedback within 90 days.

It’s our responsibility as a company to inform you that by having a whistleblowing solution in place, you may appear in a report. This could be as the alleged offender, as an alleged victim, as a witness or in another instance. As mentioned, you remain anonymous when you are the person submitting the report.

If you have questions regarding this or would like any further information, don’t hesitate to contact our Site Manager Johan Björklund at johan.bjorklund@proplate.se or our HR Manager Petter Hagander at petter.hagander@proplate.se.

Thank you for your support in helping Proplate be a safe and enjoyable place to work.