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We offer flexible production with the highest quality cutting and several different cutting techniques. Thanks to our unique method we can minimize waste, and since we cut round the clock, every day of the year, we have exceptionally high capacity.

Flexible cutting with high capacity

The higher the demands there are on the parts’ quality, strength and finish, the more reason there is to turn to Proplate for cutting and plate management. We have high capacity and machinery with cutting widths designed for large-format sheet metal (up to 3.5 meters wide and 20 meters long). The machines allow us to cut one plate while simultaneously preparing the machine for another. All the machinery can cut with gas and plasma, and our cutting operators ensure they manufacture products of the highest quality.

Organization key to an efficient flow

We attach great importance to orderliness and organization at our ultramodern plant. Everything has its place. The flow of materials and cut parts is well planned, and we work continually in a structured way to bring about continuous improvement. Everything is focused on creating an efficient process flow, a clear control system and high flexibility. This is how we shorten our lead times.

We apply Proplate Production System

Proplate Cutting can also be connected to a range of other services in Proplate Production System – the value-creating process that we apply, develop and improve in order to create value for our customers.

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