Rock foundations

The demand for anchoring wind turbines in rock foundations is rising. Wind farm developers are beginning to find more value in remote sites which offer optimum wind conditions, albeit with challenging terrain such as bedrock or mixed soil and rock foundation. This is possible thanks to the development of onshore anchor solutions for rock foundation, such as Proplate Rock Secure.

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Manufacturers of wind turbine rock foundation solutions

Wind farm sites which rest on bedrock are anchored using high-strength anchor parts which are rooted deep within the rock. The wind turbine is held firmly in place through a custom-built steel flange, containing a double series of precision-cut holes for the deep-rooted anchor parts. These parts offer durable anchoring traction in tough-to-penetrate areas of bedrock, guaranteeing superior anchoring where the wind blows the hardest.

For wind farms built on rock foundation, Proplate offers the Proplate Rock Secure solution.

Proplate Rock Secure

A superior anchoring solution for wind turbines located in challenging rocky terrain.

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