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Proplate has signed an agreement with Danish company Valmont SM to supply anchoring solutions for utility power poles. The first delivery of anchor rings will guarantee the stability of approximately 90 utility power poles in the Netherlands.

“This is one of many new and interesting co-operations that we recently have started up” says Max Björk, CEO of Proplate. We hope this will be an area in which we can continue to grow.”

Proplate has long experience in manufacturing steel anchor cages and anchor rings for wind turbines. Since July, the company has also begun delivering anchor rings for utility power poles.

“These rings are for a new type of tubular utility pole that is similar to a wind turbine tower, but on a smaller scale,” says Proplate CEO Max Björk.

The steel rings will be installed in the anchor cages for the utility poles. The rings are up to 4.35 meters (14.27 feet) in diameter and weighs up to 5.5 metric tons (6.06 US tons).

Read more about the project here: www.eemshaven-vierverlaten380kv.nl

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