Proplates nya bäddfräs

Proplate has invested in a new bed milling machine, which is the largest in Sweden and one of the largest in Europe. This advanced REMA CNC machine enables the machining of components up to 17,000 mm in length with 4-axis capabilities, allowing for the processing of welded components. The new machine is both powerful and stable, making it ideal for machining high-strength and hardened steel, including structural steel, tool steel, and wear-resistant steel.

This investment increases our capacity and opens up new possibilities for precision machining of large and complex components at Proplate.


• X-Axis: 15,000 mm (max 17,000 mm)
• Y-Axis: 1,230 mm
• Z-Axis: 1,200 mm
• 4-Axis Head: Multidirectoral ±105 degrees plus one fixed head
• Removable Wall


Length: Increased capacity for longer parts.
Dual Heads, Including One 4-Axis Head: Enhanced machining capabilities for larger and longer components including large fabrications post-welding.
High-Strength and Hardened Steel: Capable of machining very hard steel thanks to the machine’s power and stability.
Speed: High torque and fast machining reduce processing times, with twin heads working simultaneously to further shorten batch processing times.


This bed milling machine unlocks new possibilities for our customers. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your company’s needs.

Erik Ahl

Erik Ahl

Business Area Manager - Components

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