We are delighted to welcome Annelie Thörn as our new HR Manager at Proplate. With her extensive background as an HR Manager in various industries, Annelie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

“Joining the Proplate team is a great opportunity,” Annelie says, “Proplate stands out in the industry not only for its manufacturing expertise but also for its deep commitment to employee well-being. I am eager to contribute to a company where the skills and dedication of every team member are highly valued. Our employees’ remarkable expertise in fabrication and their strong loyalty to Proplate are the bedrock of our success.”

“I look forward to developing strategies that will further enhance our vibrant workplace culture, supporting the incredible talent we have, and driving Proplate’s continued growth and success in the industry.”

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Josefine Lilja

Josefine Lilja

Communications Manager

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