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Proplate helps Liebherr enhance efficiency

More efficient plate utilization, higher delivery reliability, less administration and guaranteed quality. These are four positive effects that German company Liebherr enjoys thanks to its close collaboration with Proplate.

Proplate keeps its promises

German crane giant Liebherr was the first company to make use of all the benefits inherent in the Proplate Totalcut Concept. “We can handle Liebherr’s tough requirements, both in terms of quantity and quality. For Liebherr’s production we cut and machine high-strength and quenched steel, areas we are experts in,” says Dag Kryzaniak, Head of Business Development for Germany at Proplate.

Replaced seven suppliers

Proplate has replaced seven subcontractors and is now the sole supplier of straps and links for Liebherr’s largest Crawler Cranes; 320 items that are all handled by Proplate. Proplate also deals with all plate management and all deliveries. An average of three trucks fully loaded with Proplate-cut details arrive at Liebherr every week, always at the right time to be used directly in the production of new cranes. By implementing the Proplate Totalcut Concept, Liebherr has a true partner in Proplate. In fact the collaboration is so close that Proplate is even part of Liebherr’s supply chain. “We continuously receive forecasts of their needs and can therefore plan much further ahead than normal. This means we can utilize the plates optimally and thereby streamline production as far as possible,” says Dag Kryzaniak.

Lower environmental impact

Needless to say, more efficient plate management not only leads to less waste and greater financial gain. Because Proplate also deals with logistics, transport can also be coordinated so that fewer trucks are used for detail deliveries. This obviously reduces environmental impact, which is an important goal. This is one of the fundamental ideas behind the Proplate Totalcut Concept, that there are gains to be made in several areas, and not only financially.

A relationship that opens doors

The partnership also has many benefits for Proplate. For instance, it gives Proplate an opportunity to develop its concept. “We face the task with humility,” says Dag. “It means a lot to us to have this close relationship with Liebherr. It makes us better, while we are also the best partner for Liebherr. Because we are proactive and constantly suggesting improvements, our collaboration is developing all the time.” Wolfgang Hentschel of Liebherr agrees: “Proplate impresses us. Thanks to their dedication and our close collaboration, we can find the best solutions together.” “You could say that Liebherr opens doors for us as well. Everyone in the industry knows that they’re the best. And when people find out that Proplate works closely alongside Liebherr, it stimulates their curiosity about what we can do,” Dag explains.



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