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Proplate buys land for continued investment

June 14th, 2017

Proplate signed an agreement with Oxelösund Municipality for the purchase of approximately 15,000 m2 of land including a building directly adjacent to Proplate’s currently owned property.

“Proplate needs as much land as they can get”, explained company owner Anders Persson after signing the agreement.

The deal comes to about SEK 3 million and is important for Proplate’s future. CEO Max Björk is very positive about the acquisition.

– We have previously leased the present land and real estate from the municipality. Now that we own it, we can also invest in it, which is crucial for us to continue to grow, said Björk.

During the past year, Proplate has hired more than ten people and is currently building a new 1000 m2 hall for a value of SEK 15 million.

“Proplate is doing well and we will continue to invest in Oxelösund”, concluded Björk.



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