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We offer the highest quality machining with the latest technology. The efficiency we can achieve enables us to adapt our production to many different types of parts, in large or small volumes.

High capacity in ultramodern machinery

The higher the demands there are on the parts’ quality, strength and finish, the more reason there is to turn to Proplate for machining. We have high capacity and ultramodern machinery adapted for everything from milling and drilling to advanced machining of special products. We currently have five CNC-controlled machining systems, one of which can handle parts up to 18 meters long.

Shorter lead times with more efficient flows

Two new production halls and a new production line have made Proplate a more complete and more flexible supplier. We have changed the flow throughout our factory and have incorporated a clear control system which increases our flexibility. We work on continuous improvement, just like our customers. Many of our customers rely on being able to reorganize quickly and place strict demands on problem-free deliveries. To meet their needs, we have adapted our production to achieve the highest possible flexibility. This is an ongoing process – we continuously fine-tune our processes.

We apply Proplate Production System

Proplate Machining can also be connected to a range of other services in Proplate Production System – the value-creating process that we apply, develop and improve in order to create value for our customers.

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