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Proplate is a world-leading engineering corporation that is an expert in cutting and machining both standard and special steel. We offer integrated production solutions to customers around the world who are world leaders in their industries. Our production unit in Oxelösund, Sweden, is one of the most modern in the world. Our head office is in Karlstad, Sweden, and we have sales offices in Sweden, China and Brazil.

Flexibility is our top priority

Our techniques and processes for cutting and machining are designed for maximum flexibility so that we can carry out your orders in the way that best suits you. For example, we are independent of plate supplier and can work with many different types of basic material – standard and special steel alike.

Availability and capacity

We can offer large-scale cutting and optimal plate utilization. We work to long-term forecasts and can co-plan the production of large quantities of parts. This enables us to minimize waste and optimize the cutting process.

IT integration for better communication

Proplate uses modern controls to ensure high efficiency and capacity in production. For example, we can integrate our IT system with the customer’s, enabling excellent communication and swift change-overs in the event of changes.

Traceability and flexible logistics

Traceability is a crucial in ensuring quality, and we therefore always make sure every product that leaves our plant is stamped with a customer-specific Proplate ID number. We also continuously strive to streamline and improve our internal flow and deliveries to achieve as efficient a process as possible.




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