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Proplate Wear Parts

Proplate wear parts are high quality wear parts in thick sheet metal that provide the end-user with long operation time and high reliability. We manufacture the wear parts based on the needs of our customers and deliver them according to the customer requirements.

Maximizes the life of wear parts

In order to maximize the life of the wear parts, quality is crucial. High quality sheet metal, modern production techniques and deep knowledge of the manufacturing process ensures the best results of the final product.

With SSAB’s steel mill as our closest neighbor, we are close to some of the worlds’ best steel qualities, such as Hardox.

The efficient use of sheet metal and a production facility which is adapted for the production of large volumes ensures efficient production with short lead times and the maximum use of sheet metal.

Traceability is another important part of ensuring quality, and that is why we ensure that products that leave our facility can be stamped with a customer-specific Proplate ID number.



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