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Proplate lands important orders in Croatia

March 26th, 2018

The international wind power giant Nordex Acciona Windpower has placed a new order with Proplate. In April, bolt baskets for gravity foundations will be delivered from the Swedish company to Croatia’s Padene wind farm.

The collaboration with turbine maker Nordex began in 2015, and since then Proplate has delivered anchorage solutions to several wind farms in northern Europe. In 2017, Nordex joined forces with Acciona Windpower to form Nordex Acciona Windpower.

“The order for Croatia shows that we are competitive in the international wind power market, even outside northern Europe”, said sales manager Ian Hardy, who is looking forward to the growth of wind power, globally as well as in Sweden.

“As far as the Swedish market is concerned, there is now heavy investment in wind power and the coming years are expected to bring extremely strong growth. We are also noticing a great increase in interest for our anchoring solutions”, sales manager Ian Hardy concluded.



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