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New solution for the wind industry

March 26th, 2014

Proplate deliver, together with Roseholm, pre-assembled bolt baskets. The first delivery goes to the Erikshester Windfarm in the South of Sweden. A wind turbine needs to stand firmly on a concrete foundation. The higher the turbine, the stronger the foundation needs to be. The pre-assembled bolt baskets anchor the wind turbine and simplify the assembly.

Together with the Danish company Roseholm, Proplate has developed a solution that involves the use of pre-assembled bolt baskets. Instead of being assembled on site, the pre-assembled giant baskets are delivered directly in one piece. The bottom section of the wind turbine is anchored in a bolt basket under the ground, and then all of it is cast in concrete. This saves expensive working hours on site for the contractor assembling the wind turbine.

“When you think that a ready-made basket weighs around 10 tonnes, is about 3 metres high and 4 metres in diameter, you realise that it’s a lot easier to assemble it in a special assembly hall than out on a muddy building site,” says Johan Törnqvist.

At Proplate they see a lot of market potential. In Sweden alone, about 400 wind turbines are going to be erected in 2014.

“We participated in an international wind power fair in Finland, where our solution attracted a great deal of interest,” says Johan Törnqvist.




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