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Crawler cranes and special cranes

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As the size of buildings, wind turbines and bridges increases, so does the need for new and larger cranes. The heavy and complicated lifts such cranes are used for often entail substantial risks that are especially critical in the case of crawler cranes, which can lift up to 3,000 metric tonnes. Safety and quality requirements are high and failure is not an option. One particularly critical factor in crane design is the straps, which must be able to handle extreme loads. Customer needs in terms of capacity, equipment and even finish vary greatly depending on the application and the rapid delivery of a complete crane is often desirable. As a crane manufacturer, fulfilling customer needs requires flexible subcontractors that can guarantee fast and reliable deliveries.

A world-leader in straps for heavy lifts – Proplate Straps

Proplate Straps are world-leading products in the crane industry. The straps link the counterweights and the trusses and comprise an extremely important component in the manufacture of a crane. With a specialist production facility, seamless supply chain solutions and solid expertise in the field, we dare to say that we are the world’s foremost strap supplier.

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